Newsletter 2021

The 2021 Newsletter is shortly to be distributed in hardcopy to SHB Members.

This 32-page Newsletter includes the following items

Chairman’s Report by John Williams

First Championship win at St Helen’s by Dr Richard Bentley

Shep’s whirlwind innings v ’61 Australians by Dr Andrew Hignell

Glamorgan beat the ’71 Pakistanis by Dr Andrew Hignell

Jeff Jones – a special celebration

Javed’s special summer of ’81 by Dr Richard Bentley

A trip down memory lane

100 Years of Captains

If you just can’t wait for the 2021 edition to drop through your letterbox you can find it here  2021 SHB Newsletter 2021.

Last season’s Newsletter was very well received by members, and we have been encouraged by the very positive feedback. Anyone wishing to receive a copy of the Newsletter – or wanting to join the Balconiers – should get in touch with John Williams (details can be found on the Contact Us  page).

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